Protein and the Vegan Bodybuilder

Friday, April 24th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

It’s a pretty common question for vegans: where do you get your protein? Derek Benz answers this question for the bodybuilders.

The Biggest Lie You’ll Ever Tell Yourself

Friday, April 24th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Sometimes the first and biggest obstacle to our goals is closer than we think. Get ready to make those long-held dreams a reality.

Avoid the Diets and Just Eat Clean

Thursday, April 23rd 2015, 7:46 am MDT

Diets are popular because we want success. However, true success comes from a lifestyle change to healthy eating, not temporary restrictions and pills.

6 Yummy Salad Recipes for Your Next Picnic

Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 10:00 am MDT

Salad doesn’t have to be greens and dressing all the time. Give a few of these picnic salad recipes a try on your next outing.

4 Tips to Help You Find Joy in Running

Tuesday, April 21st 2015, 10:00 am MDT

Trying to get into a running routine but having a hard time with the motivation aspect? These tips might help you get over the edge.

Strength Training for Women without the Bulk

Monday, April 20th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

It takes a lot more work and calories for a woman to bulk up in the gym than you think. Try strength training to tone, burn more calories & reduce body fat.

A Three Day Meal Plan for Spring!

Monday, April 20th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

The warm weather encourages us to be active and clean, particularly in our eating! If you need a push to get started, try this easy 3 day meal plan.

The Importance of Manganese and Symptoms of Deficiency

Friday, April 17th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Here’s a mineral you probably don’t take much notice of but is absolutely vital to our survival. Learn which foods have manganese to stay healthy!

How To Have a Vegan Closet

Thursday, April 16th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

If you love fashion but want to avoid animal products, Marzia Prince is here to say you can have both!

Can the Right Diet Help Clear Up Your Skin?

Thursday, April 16th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Healthy skin isn’t just for the genetically blessed. The right diet might help a ton though. Try eating some of these foods to revitalize your skin.

It’s Spring! 6 Ways to Reconnect with Nature

Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Take advantage of the warmer weather to get outside and feel the sunshine! If you need suggestions, here are a few ways to reconnect with nature!

Essential Oils to Relieve Spring Allergies

Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Don’t let the blooming flowers and trees keep you down. Try a few of these essential oils to combat those allergies!

Common Food Dyes and How They Affect Your Health

Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

A great many unhealthy foods look delicious, and part of that effect is caused by unnatural, and even harmful, food dyes. What makes them so bad?

Top Tips for Fueling Before and After Your Workout

Monday, April 13th 2015, 10:00 am MDT

Try a few of these tips to eat the right food at the perfect time for the exercise you’re about to do, and gain energy and ultimate recovery.

The Acid/Alkaline Balance in the Body

Friday, April 10th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Feeling a bit too acidic? You don’t have to settle for an unhealthy body. Get a better idea of what acid/alkaline means and how to balance yourself out!

Vegan Nutella Dipped Kumquats

Friday, April 24th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Time for a yummy, chocolaty treat that isn’t filled with preservatives. You’re going to love this Nutella recipe!

The Importance and Danger of Sugar to the Brain

Thursday, April 23rd 2015, 10:00 am MDT

We all know too much sugar isn’t good for us, but we usually eat too much anyway. You might change things when you learn what too much does to the brain.

Mango Watermelon Ice Cream Bars

Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 10:00 am MDT

This ice cream will get you ready for summer with the light and refreshing flavors of mango and watermelon, and its healthy nutrition profile.

Chocolate Nut Butter Protein Balls

Tuesday, April 21st 2015, 10:00 am MDT

Chocolate and nuts are a delicious combination any time, but you’ll particularly enjoy them in this protein ball recipe.

Benefits of Beets in Your Diet

Tuesday, April 21st 2015, 10:00 am MDT

You may not remember beets fondly, but you’ll add them to your diet yourself when you see what they can do.

Raw Cacao Pecan Brownies

Monday, April 20th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

It’s time to treat yourself and not feel guilty about it! Get your fix with these yummy pecan brownies and sweet coconut crème topping!

7 Reasons You Need Aquatic Fitness

Friday, April 17th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Don’t wait to get into the water until after you reach your fitness goals when you can use the water to reach them. Give aquatic fitness a try!

Sharpening Your Mental Focus

Friday, April 17th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

You can do so much more than you think if you learn to concentrate your time, energy, talents, and other resources.

Hope and Health for the Older Athlete

Thursday, April 16th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Age shouldn’t determine your ability, and there are many people who can prove it doesn’t. Learn how to stay at your best no matter how old you get.

Authentic Mat Pilates Exercises for a Great Ab Workout: Variation Series

Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

If you haven’t gotten enough of Pilates in the first two articles, here’s another one with a few twists. Give it a try and get some great looking abs!

5 Disease Fighting Foods Shared by a Cancer Survivor

Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Even the littlest bit helps when it comes to your health. Add a few of these disease fighting foods to your diet to help keep you illness free.

Eat More Nuts: Dairy Free Raw Basil Pesto Recipe

Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Nuts are all sorts of healthy for you, so you’ll find plenty of nutrients in this yummy raw vegan pesto recipe filled with cashews and Brazil nuts!

Vegan Masa Harina Pizza Recipe

Monday, April 13th 2015, 10:00 am MDT

That’s right, folks, Jason is taking on pizza today, vegan style. This masa harina pizza is far from tasteless.

6 Tips to Spruce up Your Veggies

Monday, April 13th 2015, 10:00 am MDT

Try out these 6 easy tips to increase your veggie consumption. The more vegetables you eat, the better you will feel from the increased nutrients.

3 Tips to Help You Eat Healthy in Social Situations

Friday, April 10th 2015, 7:00 am MDT

Almost every social activity has food of some kind, and it’s usually unhealthy. These tips will help you maintain your goals without raising a fuss.