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Vitamin Shoppe Demo Rep
Job Description

A Demo Rep isn’t afraid to share their health and fitness knowledge in front of strangers. They’re fit demigods of awesomeness, funny, outgoing, extroverted, and quick to learn. Attitude, intellect, and exuberance are more important than experience. You’ll visit multiple Vitamin Shoppes once a month to do Sunwarrior product demos, highlight the benefits for customers and staff, and blend up some amazing smoothies. Hours and pay vary depending on location and motivation.

Where We're Looking

New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, and Illinois.

Sunwarrior Joynecessities
  • You're fun, happy, upbeat, and possibly a little zany
  • Your sense of humor is a big part of what makes you uniquely awesome
  • You love being active, you love nature, and you enjoy the two together
  • You are unafraid to be generous, responsible, and honest, even in public
  • You've been told that your grey matter is exceptional and sparkly
  • You have a passion for health, fitness, friendship, and success
  • You are quick to forgive and slow to judge or take offense
  • You adapt to change like a ninja
How to Apply

Please send a Health Résumé and a current photo to [email protected]